Selvista Plant Nursery

Find unusual exotic fruits here to plant in your own gardens, grounds and homesteads.

We specialise in organic edible fruits & attractive ornamentals that are hard to find and proven to grow in Nicaragua

most of these plants are not sold in catarina, we have carefully carved out a niche collection and offer delivery around Nicaragua

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Deliveries on Ometepe: October 2019 - Discounts and Giveaways: Make the most of the last of the rains and this year’s planting season!

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Organically grown

We specialize in propagation and retail sale in edible fruit trees, ornamentals and plants suitable for building materials.

They are grown in an open space within our guesthouse property on Isla Ometepe, under the protection of mother nature, so that they are prepared and able to face the local environment. We supply the nursery plants with suitable conditions necessary for their development & growth ready to face the outside world. We offer instructions on how to care for them.

We produce and distribute woody and herbaceous plants- including ornamental trees, shrubs, succulents, cacti and vines, all suitable for many parts of the Nicaraguan landscape. Our process is totally organic. We cannot account for and run-off or contamination from surrounding areas.

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Jackfruit growing from the trunk on Selvista's permaculture farm. Great recipes and super nutritious.jpg

Landscaping and consultancy work available

The owner and propreitor, Chris, has had a lifelong passion for the natural world and her patterns. During his time at university he was introduced to many ideas and concepts concretized into different fields of Ecological design and Natural sciences.

In 1999 he was introduced to Permaculture Design by Ben Falk. Since that fateful time Chris has passionately pursued a life of work, design, self-study and right livelihood by teaching, practicing and creating businesses that espouse the principles and ethics of Permaculture Design.

Chris has practiced Permaculture Design year after year faithfully on his home site, Project Bona Fide and Selvista Guesthouses since late 2002. During that time he created this thriving, diverse area full of unusual and native fruiting trees and ornamentals.

He was a young junior teacher and part of Bona Fide’s first PDC in 2003, an apprentice teaching with Douglas Bullock, trained by Bill Mollisson himself.

Chris has taught over 30 full Permaculture Design courses, founding PDC programs at Project Bona Fide, Nicaragua, The Island School, the Bahamas and Rancho Mastatal in CR. Chris has been fortunate to teach at sites in Thailand, Hawaii and at the Green School/Kul-Kul farm in Bali, Indonesia.

He is available for personalised consults on the best plants for your conditions and needs.

Chris’ primary expertise lies in the tropics and encompasses all manners of site design from homestead to institutional scale. Chris has built and advised in the design and build of many farms, eco-boutique hotels, BnBs and educational institutions all over the tropical belt of the world.

In addition, Chris has extensive ethno-botanical plant knowledge, Permaculture Business Development skills alongside water systems and self reliance skill sets.

Chris Shanks demonstrating best permaculture planning practices in the field on Ometepe 2019

All our plants are handgrown from seedlings or cuttings. Our staff are well versed on the demands, uses and optimum conditions for each plant. Feel free to come along and have a chat with us and pick up the plants we have for sale or contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a delivery.

Some of our best sellers below. Subject to availability. Ask us for details on plant care, uses and our favorite recipes.

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Buy Thai Ginger aka galangal plants varieties from selvista nursery Ometepe Nicaragua delivery options .jpg
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Buy curcuma Turmeric - ginger variety -  from selvista nursery Ometepe Nicaragua delivery options .jpg
Buy katuk aka sweet leaf plant from selvista nursery Ometepe Nicaragua delivery options .jpg
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Buy Nispero aka Sapodilla from selvista nursery Ometepe Nicaragua delivery options .jpg
Buy Malinche del Jardin ornamental plant from selvista nursery Ometepe Nicaragua delivery options .jpg

Sample list of plant species for sale below

translated in Nicañol and English

Items for example only. Subject to availability

samle plant itinerary list for sale from selvista nursery subject to availability

Need more info or guidance? You can reach us on Whatsapp of fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Heard of the term Permaculture but don’t know your patterns from your details? Have a look at our introductory page below and see how you can make this design methodolgy and lifestyle change work for you and your land.

Looking for an intensive course to get you on your way with Permaculture Design Principles? Check out our 14 day course that runs from the end of January 2020. Globally recognised certification.

Why not make a weekend out of it and come and see all that we have to offer for yourself? You can have a chat with us in person and see how our permaculture principles work in practice and get some great ideas for your own property.

We offer discounted stays for residents and locals in the low season.