Ancient Petroglyphs

There is lots of evidence here of ancient civilisations. These mysterious rock drawings can be visited on foot from Selvista. Contact us if you’d like to set up a guided tour with our bi-lingual guides.

Ancient petroglyphs near Selvista Guesthouses

Feature 1

Many pre-columbian petroglyphs have been uncovered and preserved here on Isla Ometepe. Many feature animals, such as turtles and monkeys, anthromorphic creatures, people and the volcanoes.

People are represented with large ‘bowling-ball’ like heads.

Oue very own spiral, right here on Selvista's driveway

Feature 2

The spiral is a common theme among the discovered rock-carvings. It’s said to represent the volcanic energy and is why the symbol of Ometepe is two spirals joined by the ithsmus.

You can see many at Finca El Povenir or at Finca Magdalena, or view collections in people’s homes driving around Maderas.

pre-columbian petroglyphs on Isla Ometepe at Selvista's neighbouring Finca Magdalena

Feature 3

Excavations of certain areas on Maderas Volcano in 1995 uncovered over 17,000 rocks with carvings.

The OAP (Ometepe Archaeological Project) is continuasly making new discoveries.