Island rentals:

ATVs, 4x4s, Genesis 250 motorbikes and 125 scooters - all for delivery/collection from the property.

New, stable reliable quad bikes no deposit Balgue Clandestino tours

You can rent:

Quad bikes/ATVs  - the carefree way to travel.

Dirtbikes - Great for navigating these dirt tracks- experience recommended!

Scooters - best for paved tracks, hop on and go!

Bicycles - eco, pocket and knee friendly!

Quad rentals on the island

ATVs are a fantastic way to explore this island’s rugged terrain fully. Get off the main-road and explore the untouched sides of the island, taking in all its natural beauty. We have a great transport company nearby that can deliver new, well-maintained ATVs to the houses- helmets included- and collect them when you’re finished. You can park securely here in the Selvista carpark. Please return the ATVs FULL of gas as they will be delivered.

Motorbike rentals delivered to the property no deposit reliable renters

ATVs $65/day

Motos/scooters $30/day $35 24h

Bicycles $5/day

Need driving license. Helmets provided. Bring back full of gasoline *Can fill gas in Balgue

Motorbikes great for volcanic trails experience and license necessary

The dirtbikes are great for the dirt roads and volcanic tracks. The scooters are more designed for the paved roads.

The road to the waterfall is not advisable on scooters. ATVs, motorbikes or taxis are a better option. Safety is our primary concern.  

Scooters for those who dont want a larger bike, reliable services

Jose Luis runs Clandestino Tours, a trusted, local and reliable family-run business.  

Jose Luis and his team also speak English and accept credit cards at a charge of 6%.