Thanks and credits

This, as anything worthwhile, is a collaboration of many hands and eyes and minds and energy and funds. Without a supportive and loving community none of this would be possible. Without the thoughtful team and loyal guests and creative minds Selvista would cease to run.



Thanks to the movers and thinkers in permaculture. Thanks to people - locally and globally- who want to learn and share ideas, collaboratively. Thanks to our neighbours for making us feel we’re not alone in our aims. Thanks to the land and the rain for providing. Thanks to those to strive to make the world a better place.

Selvista maintenance team and Navi

THe team

Thanks to Lydia; our local free-lance masseus; Junior, our local tour guide; Delvis, our building contractor from Balgüe, and his team; Selvista staff, pets and guests. Thanks to Project Bona Fide and Cafe Campestre for being such good neighbouring farms. Thanks to El Jardin for baking us delicious treats and to Pizzeria Mediterranea for delivering us freshly baked pizza - rain or shine.

@Michaligaza ptofessional photos of Selvista Guesthouses, 2018

Photo credits

Thanks to Emelio Tallafet, Christina Macpherson, Tom Patterson, Michelle Alizaga, Jayson Roy Jones and theventurebabe, Travis Parkinson, Megan Walters and Khalil Radi, Ryan Ayres, Tara Lynn, Rolando Lopez, Tanja Mikolcic and Selvista staff past and present for their photo contributions.