Clay Oven Building workshop

3-day practical hands-on course at Selvista, Ometepe, in collaboration with Ayal Bryant from Barro Vivo CR

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March 6-9 2020

Who’s this for?

This workshop is for anyone interested in learning how to make a clay oven with your own hands. It's

a great opportunity to reconnect with the land and your own creativity, to create a natural sculpture

that can then be replicated at your own home and make your own wood fired pizza!!

You can see some of the teacher’s previous works here.

Hands-on practical course for clay oven construction coming soon to Selvista, Ometepe March 2020

Topics you’ll cover:

-Soil information

-Field tests for your land (to see if they work to make your oven)

-Mixtures and proportions

-How to size your oven (structural principles and combustion) Negative mold construction for the oven

-Building brick arch for the entry

-Mixing and oven wall construction

-Natural plaster finishes

-Oven curing procedure

-How to use your new oven

meet the instructor - Ayal Brayant from Barro Vico CR: coming to Ometepe March 2020

About the teacher:

Over 10 years experience in natural building and during the past 5 years has specialized in building cob ovens for restaurants and homes all over Costa Rica.

His passion for natural building comes from his family who have worked on restoring and rebuilding typical Costa Rican adobe homes which meant he spent most of his summers in mud holes helping prepare adobe mix.

Once graduated as a product design engineer he pursued a MSc in sustainable building in the UK and returned to Costa Rica to build the largest super adobe house in Central America. During this time he also started to build cob ovens, his first one was in his mother's yard but as people began to see how it was built and the end result orders started to come in for customs ovens to be built all over the country.

This allowed Ayal to dedicate the past 5 years to build over 25 ovens and has become the only profesional cob oven builder in Costa Rica.

See more about him and his work at BarroVivoCR.

clay oven building workshop with Barro Vivo CR coming soon to Isla Ometepe @ Selvista

What’s included:

Accommodation for four nights, breakfast and lunch

Different styles of accommodation... from rustic options to luxury houses - there’s something for everyone! See our options here.

Course attendance starts at $250 + Accommodation

Things you’ll need:

Rubber boots

Rubber gloves

Water bottle


Notebook and pen

All other materials provided on site.